After 13 plus years of being in business, High Street Properties remains, and will remain, a small, local, family-owned business. The company name and logo came from our mothers home town of Montrose Scotland. The pictures below are the "High Street" in Montrose Scotland. (Of course in Bozeman we call it main street.) Our Scottish families take great pride in their home and community! Growing up in Bozeman Montana, we are equally proud to live in one of the greatest places on earth!

Being part of Bozeman and seeing the changes in the community over the last thirty years gives us a great advantage in local property management. Remaining a smaller business also gives us an advantage as we can ensure that all our rentals not only get the most qualified tenants, but they also get the attention and upkeep they need and deserve. All this is accomplished while keeping costs down and ensuring maximum revenue for the owner.
High Street Properties, Inc.

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